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Buy to Let Go

It’s such a contradiction, isn’t it?

But sometimes, we need to buy before we can let go. For example, our clothes. Assuming you have 10 undesirable t-shirts in your closet. You will never get rid of them if you never go out to buy clothes that you favour. That’s because, if you let go of those 10 t-shirts before you find a replacement for them, you’ll end up having nothing to wear. And minimalism would seemed to have failed you.

Minimalism isn’t about having nothing at all. It’s about letting go of unnecessary things to make space for things that will bring meaning to our lives.

We don’t always have to let go first. If we need to buy first, then do so.

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1 Kid Club

I truly enjoy being in the 1 Kid Club. Although my little one is only just approaching one year old, it’s already hard for me to imagine myself having a second one.

The best thing about having just one kid is that I can focus all my limited amount of time, energy and resources on him. Perhaps, its a minimalist thing. Or perhaps not. Look at popular minimalist Leo Babauta. He has 6 kids.

With my current boy, I feel 100% fulfilled. The thought of having a second (or third, or fourth) one doesn’t add anymore fulfilment to me. Many people also shared with me why I should have a second one. After all, the Chinese word for ‘good’ (好), is made up of a girl (女) and a son (子).

Of cos, nobody can predict the future. I may wake up tomorrow feeling ready to have a second kid. Till then..

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Suitcase Minimalist


Some people intentionally work towards a lifestyle where they are able to fit all their belongings into a suitcase. I must admit that such lifestyle did not attract me as I felt that it is pushing minimalism a little too far.

Despite the bad vibes it gave me, the thoughts of it, all these while, were being examined constantly by my subconscious mind. Denials become doubts. Doubts become what if’s. And what if’s led to possibilities. All of a sudden, being able to fit everything I possess into a suitcase felt deliciously challenging and attractive.

The less we need, the more freedom we have. And more freedom leads to more happiness and meaning. But we must keep in mind not to become obsessed with letting go. Minimalism should help us to attain our desired lifestyle, not the other way.

Despite having gotten rid of a huge portion of my possessions over the years, even this will be pushing my minimalist will and determination to their limits.

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Mental Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t simply all about 4 walls and a handful of items. Such minimalism can perhaps be classified as physical minimalism. Where we focus on how our stuff brings joy and purpose to us.

The other dimension of minimalism is the mental minimalism. Mental minimalism refers to the intangible perceptions that are being derived from our thoughts, based on the concept of minimalism.

Mental minimalism can be us letting go of unnecessary thoughts and mindsets. Like letting go of negative mindsets that impede us from achieving our goals. Or letting go of generally undesirable feelings such as guilt, sadness, pain, hate, anger, pettiness, etc. Adopting mental minimalism can also refer to letting go of our bad habits, such as, gossiping and judging.

When we let go of these negative attitudes from our understanding and practice of mental minimalism, we began to generate an abundance of positivity. Such as positive thoughts and possibilities. Which, in turn, brings us success in life.

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The Power of Focus

Focus is a major key to being successful. It’s as simple as it gets.

Imagine a person who desires to be an expert basketball three-point shooter. What does he needs to do? Practice, of cos! More specifically, shoot.

If the aspiring person is discipline enough to allocate a reasonable amount of time of 3 hours a day to practise his shooting skills, assuming he shoots 1 shot every 20 seconds, he would have shot 540 shots in a single practice. That’s equivalent to 197,100 shots a year. In 5 years, he’d have taken close to a million shots! Can you imagine how accurate his three-point shooting will become?

Unfortunately, few people will have such dedication to put in this amount of time and effort to honing their crafts. Why? Because of all the distractions.

Of cos, focus is not an innate ability that’s bestowed to us upon birth, or is it? Perhaps, even if they are, most of us have lost them in the midst of growing up.

Ever heard Moms telling their kids to focus while doing their homework? But did anyone teach those kids what is focus?

Focus is a skill itself that requires practice. We can improve our focus through activities such as reading, painting and meditation.

No great masters of their own expertise rely on talent and luck alone to reach their individual pinnacle. Therefore, for us to attain the highest level focus is of paramount importance.

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Black and White Photographs

Beatles Story Museum

There’s something captivating about black and white photographs.

Black and white photographs removes the excess of details in the image. It allows the viewers to focus on just the essence. The object that’s being showcased gets magnified.

The people, the architecture, the expressions, the mood, the atmosphere the quietness, the beauty, and the feelings.

I always enjoy strolling through a museum or gallery, admiring at old, black and white photos.

It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

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Waking Up

I’ve always been curious about the idea of not relying on our alarm clocks to wake up. After all, wouldn’t it be great to wake up whenever we feel like, without the need of the jolting rings of our alarm clocks.

Not having an alarm clock seemed too risky, despite what others may say about our natural body clock. Mobile phones, despite putting them to aeroplane mode, will still disturb our sleep if put in our bedroom. As for the trusty old alarm clocks, I’ve woken late a few times in the past simply because their batteries died in the middle of the night. Thanks to Murphy.

If you’d like to reduce your reliance on your alarm clock, here’s something for you to try.

Assuming you need to wake up at 6am, continue to set your alarm clock to 6am. But if you wake up between 5.30am and 6am by yourself, don’t go back to sleep. Switch off your 6am alarm clock and wake up. You may prepare for work early, do some push ups, read a book, meditate, etc.

Don’t forget, just before you close your eyes, tell yourself you want to wake up at 6am. And visualize yourself waking up at 6am. Do it every night.

This will help you to reduce your reliance on your alarm clocks over time and help you form a healthier waking up pattern.

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The Now

One of the most powerful lesson I’ve learned in the past 3 years is the power of living in the present. The present, or now, is the most important time that we have.

Unfortunately, most of our minds are living only in the past and future, allowing our present to be neglected. We must realize that the present is the only time where we can apply our actions to. We can’t change what happened yesterday. Neither can we do anything about tomorrow now.

Imagine if we can put 100% of our mind and action to what we are doing now, how much greatness can we produce?

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My Health Improvements After I Became a Minimalist

Since becoming a minimalist, my health has improved significantly. Nowadays, I feel better and fall sick less often.

I used to take paracetamol pills to curb my migraines. It didn’t occur to me that taking too much could potentially result in liver damage. I just wanted to find a quick-fix for them and to be able to continue with my work. Only when I slowed down my pace in my life and career, then my migraines went away, halting my reliance on those paracetamol pills in the process.

Before I became a minimalist, I also used to have digestive problems. I was surprised that a bazi (a form of Chinese geomancy) master concurred to me about them. Nonetheless, I was too focus on other things to realize that perhaps my bad habits, like alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation, had caused those digestive issues. It was only when I became a minimalist, my digestive problems disappeared. 

But the most evident change of all is my weight. After I became a minimalist, I found my motivation and dedication to achieve a more desirable weight. I ended up losing 11kg in 3 months.

It is hard to deem any priorities meaningful if we don’t have the health to enjoy them.

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3 Things That Have No Place In Our Bedroom

Our bedroom is supposed to be our peaceful haven after a day of hustling. What we choose to put in our room can affect our daily lives significantly, be it positively or negatively. Here’s 3 things that have no place in our room.


Feng Shui believes that the television has no place in our bedroom. This is despite people nowadays enjoy the experience of lazying on their bed all day binging on their favourite Netflix series.

The reason for this discouragement is that the television contradicts with the main intention of our bedroom, which is sleep. The television is an electronic device that is highly ‘alive’. The moving images that’s being shown and the radiation that it emits are constantly conflicting with our rest. 

If a television is still a requirement, perhaps it should be covered up when not in use, to keep it’s energy contained. However, not having it in the bedroom at all should be ultimately worked towards.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are such essentials in our lives that they are already being called the 79th organ of our body. Therefore, it’s understandable that people have trouble putting them out of their bedroom. 

The radiation mobile phones emits affects our health and rest adversely. This reason alone is supposed to be sufficient for people to keep them away from us when we are sleeping. But apparently, it’s not. 99% of us still keep our mobile phones in our bedroom when we are resting. Beside the long-confirmed radiation issues, the sight of our mobile phones disturbs our mind when we are at rest or doing other things. This is because subconsciously, we could be expecting a notification beep. This causes us to not able to put in 100% into the things that we are doing.

Using too much mobile phones also takes away precious time that could be spent bonding with our partners as well. Therefore, mobile phones have no place in our bedrooms.


I used to have boxes of old textbooks stored under my bed. Such clutter attracts unnecessary dust accumulation. Overtime, hair, fur and even critters will be attracted to the dark, narrow alleys between the clutter boxes.

Trophies, photo frames, books, clothes, toiletries, pens, papers, furnitures, decorations, documents, and so on. When added up, they can be overwhelming, even for the most ardent hoarders.

Clutter has no place in our bedrooms. Let go of the stuff that are holding you back. You deserve to be free and happy.


Attaining a room that encourages us to rest and interact with our partners will help to improve our health and our relationships. 

Therefore, it’ll be wise to parry down on the unnecessary stuff and remove any items that can potential impede our potential progressions.

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