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A little gossip here and a little gossip there, couldn’t get any more harmful than an ant bite, could it? Gossiping is a little guilty pleasure that many of us often indulge in. After all, it makes one feels good and it’s free, or is it?

Gossiping about others makes us feel good because when we gossip, we gather people who shares the same opinion about others onto our side. But after a little chuckle about others, nothing is changed and the cycle repeats.

When we gossip, it’s an indication that our lives are unfulfilled. Or even worse, they are shallow and empty. Thus, we need to constantly seek others’ plight to fill up ourselves.

Make a conscious effort to avoid gossips. When people try to lure you into a gossip conversation, smile and avoid gently. When you, yourself, have the urge to find people to gossip with you, turn the other way and go.

Get yourself out of opportunities to gossip. Social media is a very potent source for gossips. There’s various Facebook groups who’s daily job is to simply create an endless stream of topics for people to gossip. When one hot topic dies, another one emerges. And the gossiping community craves for things to gossip about, and unknowingly find themselves stuck in a vicious loop of gossiping.

Gossiping is addictive. It’s like smoking. Cigarettes are easy to acquire, yet the smoking habit is hard to kick. Smoking soothes and releases stress and tension, but the damage is long-termed.

I am sure you would have heard that successful people have no time for gossips. That’s true. We all have 24 hours a day. We spend 8 hours sleeping. 8 hours working. And we are left with only 8 hours for the rest of the things we need to do- that includes travelling, eating, cleaning, leisure, learning, socializing, doing chores, doing groceries etc. Can we really afford frittering our precious time away on gossiping?

If you really want to help or change someone for the better, go volunteer your time to help the needies. I guarantee that you will feel even more useful and purposeful.

Fill up your own life with so much positive and focus that you have no time to gossip about others.

Once I got myself out of the toxic gossip cycle, I began forming a different perspective about happiness. I became more focus on my priorities. My life evidently improved leaps and bounds.

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