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Our 3 Blocks of Time

I have discovered that we all have 3 blocks of time in our day.

Hard Time

Hard Time doesn’t mean tough times. In this aspect, Hard Time is the block of time where we have compulsory activities to do. And more often than not, we cannot do other things during our Hard Time.

Some examples of activities that we do during our Hard Time are – sleeping and working. Usually Hard Time will take up the majority of our 24 hours. If you sleep, or supposed to, 8 hours and you work for 8 hours, you’d have allocated 16 hours, or one-third, of your time a day to Hard Time.

Soft Time

Soft Time are our free time. This is usually the time in the evening between end work and sleep. This is the period where we may choose to take a nap, play video games, read a book, or watch TV.

We may also choose to spend our Soft Time on activities such as spending time with out loved ones and friends.These activities shouldn’t be underestimated as we all need our rest time, to prevent ourselves from burning out.

In-Between Time

And then, we have our In-Between Time. This is where most people neglected. Our In-Between Time are time such as, travelling time and waiting time.

What do usually do during such times? A simple observation during the rush hours will show that most people are on their phone, texting, surfing, gaming and watching videos. 

But I realized that this is a very important time block for us. Although it may be, perhaps, the shortest, there’s much we can achieve during this period of time. For example, if we spend 2 hours a day of travelling between home and office, we have 2 hours to spend on reading or pursuing our goals, like blogging or studying. 2 hours a day is equals to 730 hours a year.

If your circumstances permit, you may even use your In-Between Time on exercising or meditating. Spend sometime to look through your own daily routines and discover your own In-Between Time. You may even “borrow” some time from your Hard and Soft Times to augment to your In-Between Time to help you achieve even more meaning in your life.

Living in a world where time is of such scarcity, it is important that we cherish them and spend it on activities that bring us the most fulfillment and joy.

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