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Consume Less, Live More

Countless man-made disasters in the history of our existence are the result of our selfishness and greed.

Why do we need to build dams, mines, and even nuclear reactors? Why are we clearing forests and mountains at such an unprecedented speed without any signs of remorse? Why have we allowed the state of our ocean to deteriorate in such a manner that its marine creatures are depleting and pollution level increasing so quickly.

Everytime, I past by industrial area, I shudder at the sight of thick smoke billowing out from the factories and incinerators.

Our insatiable appetite for more clothes, more meat, more electricity, more houses, more vehicles, more entertainment, more comfort, more water, etc. Not to mention our desire for more things faster, bigger, better and newer. Most of the time, all these just to fulfil our vanity needs. All these are driving our beautiful home to an irrevocable state of destruction, if we are not already there yet.

This vast appetite needs to be curbed. This is the only way we can restore mother earth’s current fragile frame back to its original vitality.

I was heartened by the recent initiatives by the authorities of Koh Phi Phi (Thailand) and Boracay (Philippines). They were aware that the massive number of tourists that visited their famous islands have caused huge damage to their coral reefs and marine life. Therefore, they were able to put aside their profits and close themselves to tourism to allow their coral reefs and marine life to recover. Truly there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

This is just what the whole world needs. Instead of justifying how powerless our individual strengths are, think about how we can touch others and influence their believes with our own conviction.

Mother earth has sacrificed so much of herself for us. It’s about time we do something for her.

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