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The Lives of Others

One of the huge mistakes that many of us make is we care too much about others. We care too much about how they live, eat, and say. We care who they are with. We care how many kids they have. We even care what they are thinking, how they think of us, if they are even thinking about us at all.

It’s addictive to constantly be updated with the lives of others. And often, our attention are cast on others so much that we forgot about our own existence.

Many of us live a life obsessed with how others live. Then we compare. Then we feel upset with all their achievements and joy, that we miss out in our own lives. 

But life doesn’t have to be like that. Take a break from our obsession with others. The more we are able to stop caring about others, the more we will be able to refocus our time and energy to improve our own.

The key is to reduce our exposure that makes us want to care about others. Be it cutting down our social media time or quitting the gossip club during lunchtime.

Often, how people think, about us or about other things, have no bearings on us whatsoever.

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