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Measuring Happiness

Unless we are always walking around with a dopamine gauge sticking out from our brain, it’s pretty hard to measure happiness.

Some say being famous and wealthy are good indicators of happiness. The more famous and wealthy we are, the happier we are. I’m inclined to think that it’s true but I am unable to verify them because I’m neither.

One of the ways I measure my level of happiness is through the quantity and quality level of my sleep. When I’m happy, I am able to sleep easily and sleep free of nightmares.

Other indicators of happiness can be our health status, our financial status, our relationship status and the state of our surroundings.

If we are constantly being bugged by negative energy such as, illness, living paycheck to paycheck, debt, conflicts, violence, and clutter, perhaps it’s a good indication that we are having an undesirable level of happiness.

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