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Where’s Happiness

Our default state is happiness. Unfortunately, many people do not realize it and they choose to embark on a redundant journey to seek it externally.

Many people start to compare themselves with others. Putting unnecessary blame upon themselves when they lack what others possess. Many also put heavy expectations on themselves and others around them when their desires are unmet.

Why are we living in the most depressive times in the history of mankind? Aren’t those high-tech inventions and futuristic gadgets supposed to make us happier?

Try to let expectations go, or at least reduce them. Similarly, let go of comparisons. Learn to be contented. Cut down your social media usage. Think of one thing that you’re grateful for in your life everyday. Slowly, but surely, you’ll eventually realize that happiness, is really just in our pocket.

We all are living in the spaces between our real self and the person we desire to be.

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