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3 Things That Animal Lovers Should Not Do

Don’t buy a pet

Pets are cute. But the dark truth is that a majority of them are produced through the cruel industry of animal breeding to satisfy the profitable pets industry. Puppies, kittens, chicks, hamsters, etc. Once they outgrow their “cute” period, they are cast aside, or even exterminated to avoid further maintenance requirement. Therefore, I do not recommend any animal lovers to buy pets, especially from the petshop, or really from anywhere.

Go find a hobby.

Visit places that exploit animals

Behind the lights and pyros of the circus industry, animals are being tortured to the point of insanity to perform unnatural tricks to entertain us. Wild animals are being captured and separated from their herds and cramped in cages, no more the size of themselves. Often, resulting them in displaying signs of distress like self-mutilation and engaging in repetitive actions, like pacing up and down the cage or swinging their heads from side to side for a long period of time.

Becareful, some of the places that engage in animal exploitation activities disguises themselves under the pretense of ethical terms such as, educational and conservational. Therefore, it is important to see past such facade and employ our ethical judgements.

Eat animals

There’s a whole dimension of debates going on about whether we should, or should not, eat animals. Many of us are brought up to see animals, such as chicken and fish, are produced for our consumption. This idea itself may seem a little self-entitled.

It is no doubt that living things feel pain and suffering when they are captured and slaughtered. Ralph Smart said that because energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred, the fear and agony of the animals that are being killed will be transferred to us. Why would we subject ourselves to such negative energy, just to satisfy our cravings?


Most importantly, we need to empathize with the animals. Will we be happy, if what we are doing to them, are being done to us? If not, don’t do it.

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