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4 Things We Can Do During Lunchtime

Do you utilize your full lunchtime to enjoy your meal? If not, here’s 4 things that we can do during lunchtime (beside our lunch).


With the limited amount of time during lunchtime, it’ll be even OK to read a few pages of a book.

Reading is a great way to input data, which then are converted into knowledge and wisdom. 

So, pick a book of your interest and start reading.


If reading is inputting of data into our brain, then writing is a form of outputting our knowledge to the world. 

If you write a blog, you may utilize the excess time during your lunchtime to write something on your blog site.


Lunchtime is a fantastic time to meditate. Meditation promotes peace and relaxation.

Therefore, if we are able to meditate during lunchtime, it’ll help us to recharge our focus and energy for the second half of the day. 

Even if there’s very limited time, allocating a couple of minutes to meditate will help significantly.


Most of us have trouble finding time for a workout in our free time. So, why not optimize our lunchtime by squeezing in a workout session?

A workout can range for a long jog to a few sets of pushups, depending on our available time.

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