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1 Kid Club

I truly enjoy being in the 1 Kid Club. Although my little one is only just approaching one year old, it’s already hard for me to imagine myself having a second one.

The best thing about having just one kid is that I can focus all my limited amount of time, energy and resources on him. Perhaps, its a minimalist thing. Or perhaps not. Look at popular minimalist Leo Babauta. He has 6 kids.

With my current boy, I feel 100% fulfilled. The thought of having a second (or third, or fourth) one doesn’t add anymore fulfilment to me. Many people also shared with me why I should have a second one. After all, the Chinese word for ‘good’ (好), is made up of a girl (女) and a son (子).

Of cos, nobody can predict the future. I may wake up tomorrow feeling ready to have a second kid. Till then..

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