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Suitcase Minimalist


Some people intentionally work towards a lifestyle where they are able to fit all their belongings into a suitcase. I must admit that such lifestyle did not attract me as I felt that it is pushing minimalism a little too far.

Despite the bad vibes it gave me, the thoughts of it, all these while, were being examined constantly by my subconscious mind. Denials become doubts. Doubts become what if’s. And what if’s led to possibilities. All of a sudden, being able to fit everything I possess into a suitcase felt deliciously challenging and attractive.

The less we need, the more freedom we have. And more freedom leads to more happiness and meaning. But we must keep in mind not to become obsessed with letting go. Minimalism should help us to attain our desired lifestyle, not the other way.

Despite having gotten rid of a huge portion of my possessions over the years, even this will be pushing my minimalist will and determination to their limits.

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