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Mental Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t simply all about 4 walls and a handful of items. Such minimalism can perhaps be classified as physical minimalism. Where we focus on how our stuff brings joy and purpose to us.

The other dimension of minimalism is the mental minimalism. Mental minimalism refers to the intangible perceptions that are being derived from our thoughts, based on the concept of minimalism.

Mental minimalism can be us letting go of unnecessary thoughts and mindsets. Like letting go of negative mindsets that impede us from achieving our goals. Or letting go of generally undesirable feelings such as guilt, sadness, pain, hate, anger, pettiness, etc. Adopting mental minimalism can also refer to letting go of our bad habits, such as, gossiping and judging.

When we let go of these negative attitudes from our understanding and practice of mental minimalism, we began to generate an abundance of positivity. Such as positive thoughts and possibilities. Which, in turn, brings us success in life.

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