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Month: January 2019

Where’s Happiness

Our default state is happiness. Unfortunately, many people do not realize it and they choose to embark on a redundant journey to seek it externally.

Many people start to compare themselves with others. Putting unnecessary blame upon themselves when they lack what others possess. Many also put heavy expectations on themselves and others around them when their desires are unmet.

Why are we living in the most depressive times in the history of mankind? Aren’t those high-tech inventions and futuristic gadgets supposed to make us happier?

Try to let expectations go, or at least reduce them. Similarly, let go of comparisons. Learn to be contented. Cut down your social media usage. Think of one thing that you’re grateful for in your life everyday. Slowly, but surely, you’ll eventually realize that happiness, is really just in our pocket.

We all are living in the spaces between our real self and the person we desire to be.

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Letting Go of Memories

Memories serve its purpose in our survival. The good ones keep us happy and motivated to carry on with our lives. The bad one constantly reminds us to stay away from the danger that we once encountered.

However, holding on to too much memories can be detrimental to us. It slows us down and may even stop us from moving forward in life. They may also become an emotional baggage that causes us fatigue.

Memories may be in physical forms such a photographs, certain songs that may trigger a past experience, letters and cards, clothes, journals, and even relationships.

Memories can also be in their mental forms of images in our mind.

It is important to realize the importance of letting go of our memories, especially those which aren’t serving us well anymore.

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3 Things That Animal Lovers Should Not Do

Don’t buy a pet

Pets are cute. But the dark truth is that a majority of them are produced through the cruel industry of animal breeding to satisfy the profitable pets industry. Puppies, kittens, chicks, hamsters, etc. Once they outgrow their “cute” period, they are cast aside, or even exterminated to avoid further maintenance requirement. Therefore, I do not recommend any animal lovers to buy pets, especially from the petshop, or really from anywhere.

Go find a hobby.

Visit places that exploit animals

Behind the lights and pyros of the circus industry, animals are being tortured to the point of insanity to perform unnatural tricks to entertain us. Wild animals are being captured and separated from their herds and cramped in cages, no more the size of themselves. Often, resulting them in displaying signs of distress like self-mutilation and engaging in repetitive actions, like pacing up and down the cage or swinging their heads from side to side for a long period of time.

Becareful, some of the places that engage in animal exploitation activities disguises themselves under the pretense of ethical terms such as, educational and conservational. Therefore, it is important to see past such facade and employ our ethical judgements.

Eat animals

There’s a whole dimension of debates going on about whether we should, or should not, eat animals. Many of us are brought up to see animals, such as chicken and fish, are produced for our consumption. This idea itself may seem a little self-entitled.

It is no doubt that living things feel pain and suffering when they are captured and slaughtered. Ralph Smart said that because energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred, the fear and agony of the animals that are being killed will be transferred to us. Why would we subject ourselves to such negative energy, just to satisfy our cravings?


Most importantly, we need to empathize with the animals. Will we be happy, if what we are doing to them, are being done to us? If not, don’t do it.

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Minimalism Saved My Life

I was once hungry, not figuratively, like for success. But literally hungry for food.

The hunger drove me to explore the options of selling my belongings to fund my next meals. I’d never imagine that I’d ever fall to such a desperate state. I wasn’t living in a famine-strickened society, neither was I born in a deprived family. My dire situation was fully a result of my own irresponsible ways. In particular my naivety and ignorance.

I could remember bringing my pile of video game discs to the game shop, hoping to fetch a reasonable fee back. Each cost me on average $70. They offered me $1 back. At that instance, I was hit with the cold, stark truth. My prized possessions were indeed worthless.

When one is at a low, everything around him will also be low. This I can attest. Needless to say, my affinity with proper jobs was simply non-existent.

For the next few months, I was compelled to further let go of more stuff. However, the more I let go, the more truth I began to uncover. I realized that I was becoming happier. I began to feel a sense of relief. I began to feel lighter. I began to feel that the burden of everything I have piled on myself over the years, the stuff, the debt, the stress, etc., being lifted off me. Back then, being oblivious to minimalism, I couldn’t explain this phenomenon.

I started to scour the internet for answers and I chanced upon the term ‘minimalist’ It sounded too cool to me. In a way, I felt that I was undeserving of such a cool label. Nonetheless, the more I read, the more I was able to resonate with it.

4 years later, my life has been transformed with so much positivity. Looking back, I was led to minimalism through my predicaments. I found minimalism by chance, not choice. And as dramatic as it may sound, minimalism had indeed saved my life.

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4 Things We Can Do During Lunchtime

Do you utilize your full lunchtime to enjoy your meal? If not, here’s 4 things that we can do during lunchtime (beside our lunch).


With the limited amount of time during lunchtime, it’ll be even OK to read a few pages of a book.

Reading is a great way to input data, which then are converted into knowledge and wisdom. 

So, pick a book of your interest and start reading.


If reading is inputting of data into our brain, then writing is a form of outputting our knowledge to the world. 

If you write a blog, you may utilize the excess time during your lunchtime to write something on your blog site.


Lunchtime is a fantastic time to meditate. Meditation promotes peace and relaxation.

Therefore, if we are able to meditate during lunchtime, it’ll help us to recharge our focus and energy for the second half of the day. 

Even if there’s very limited time, allocating a couple of minutes to meditate will help significantly.


Most of us have trouble finding time for a workout in our free time. So, why not optimize our lunchtime by squeezing in a workout session?

A workout can range for a long jog to a few sets of pushups, depending on our available time.

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Buy to Let Go

It’s such a contradiction, isn’t it?

But sometimes, we need to buy before we can let go. For example, our clothes. Assuming you have 10 undesirable t-shirts in your closet. You will never get rid of them if you never go out to buy clothes that you favour. That’s because, if you let go of those 10 t-shirts before you find a replacement for them, you’ll end up having nothing to wear. And minimalism would seemed to have failed you.

Minimalism isn’t about having nothing at all. It’s about letting go of unnecessary things to make space for things that will bring meaning to our lives.

We don’t always have to let go first. If we need to buy first, then do so.

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1 Kid Club

I truly enjoy being in the 1 Kid Club. Although my little one is only just approaching one year old, it’s already hard for me to imagine myself having a second one.

The best thing about having just one kid is that I can focus all my limited amount of time, energy and resources on him. Perhaps, its a minimalist thing. Or perhaps not. Look at popular minimalist Leo Babauta. He has 6 kids.

With my current boy, I feel 100% fulfilled. The thought of having a second (or third, or fourth) one doesn’t add anymore fulfilment to me. Many people also shared with me why I should have a second one. After all, the Chinese word for ‘good’ (好), is made up of a girl (女) and a son (子).

Of cos, nobody can predict the future. I may wake up tomorrow feeling ready to have a second kid. Till then..

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Suitcase Minimalist


Some people intentionally work towards a lifestyle where they are able to fit all their belongings into a suitcase. I must admit that such lifestyle did not attract me as I felt that it is pushing minimalism a little too far.

Despite the bad vibes it gave me, the thoughts of it, all these while, were being examined constantly by my subconscious mind. Denials become doubts. Doubts become what if’s. And what if’s led to possibilities. All of a sudden, being able to fit everything I possess into a suitcase felt deliciously challenging and attractive.

The less we need, the more freedom we have. And more freedom leads to more happiness and meaning. But we must keep in mind not to become obsessed with letting go. Minimalism should help us to attain our desired lifestyle, not the other way.

Despite having gotten rid of a huge portion of my possessions over the years, even this will be pushing my minimalist will and determination to their limits.

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Mental Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t simply all about 4 walls and a handful of items. Such minimalism can perhaps be classified as physical minimalism. Where we focus on how our stuff brings joy and purpose to us.

The other dimension of minimalism is the mental minimalism. Mental minimalism refers to the intangible perceptions that are being derived from our thoughts, based on the concept of minimalism.

Mental minimalism can be us letting go of unnecessary thoughts and mindsets. Like letting go of negative mindsets that impede us from achieving our goals. Or letting go of generally undesirable feelings such as guilt, sadness, pain, hate, anger, pettiness, etc. Adopting mental minimalism can also refer to letting go of our bad habits, such as, gossiping and judging.

When we let go of these negative attitudes from our understanding and practice of mental minimalism, we began to generate an abundance of positivity. Such as positive thoughts and possibilities. Which, in turn, brings us success in life.

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The Power of Focus

Focus is a major key to being successful. It’s as simple as it gets.

Imagine a person who desires to be an expert basketball three-point shooter. What does he needs to do? Practice, of cos! More specifically, shoot.

If the aspiring person is discipline enough to allocate a reasonable amount of time of 3 hours a day to practise his shooting skills, assuming he shoots 1 shot every 20 seconds, he would have shot 540 shots in a single practice. That’s equivalent to 197,100 shots a year. In 5 years, he’d have taken close to a million shots! Can you imagine how accurate his three-point shooting will become?

Unfortunately, few people will have such dedication to put in this amount of time and effort to honing their crafts. Why? Because of all the distractions.

Of cos, focus is not an innate ability that’s bestowed to us upon birth, or is it? Perhaps, even if they are, most of us have lost them in the midst of growing up.

Ever heard Moms telling their kids to focus while doing their homework? But did anyone teach those kids what is focus?

Focus is a skill itself that requires practice. We can improve our focus through activities such as reading, painting and meditation.

No great masters of their own expertise rely on talent and luck alone to reach their individual pinnacle. Therefore, for us to attain the highest level focus is of paramount importance.

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