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We Come With Nothing

… and leave with nothing.

Accumulation is a survival instinct given to us. To be able to survive on the stuff we hoard through thin times.

But in present times, what are we hoarding? Not the food and necessities to keep us alive, but stuff to keep us entertained and comfortable. Perhaps a little too entertained and comfortable, to the point of becoming uncomfortable.

Failing to realize what is sufficient is making us waste our energy to accumulate more than what we require. Accumulation doesn’t come free. It requires fuel. Fuel like our time and energy. Our relationships. Our money. Not learning how to cope with the failure of accumulation and managing of losses have also brought much sufferings to many.

We think everything that we have accumulated belongs to us. They belong to us for eternity. But do they? Of cos not. It is a huge misconception.

When we leave this world, we have to return everything back. We can’t keep a single thing we have ‘owned’. Not even the clothes we wear to our graves. We leave this world cold and naked.

Just like how we came.

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