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Being Contented

Contentment is the key to happiness

How many times have we heard of this old adage, yet we choose to turn a deaf ear to? Choosing to seek happiness outside contentment, outside of what we already have.

“Does it mean that I am supposed to be contented being a pauper?” That’s such a misconception. I can’t deny that being financially wealthy is better than being broke and constantly having to worry about food and shelter. But the correlations between being contented and being wealthy are few.

Someone who earns a million dollar may not be as happy as compared to a contented average-incomed person. This is true.

One of the happiest moments I ever witnessed was two children playing in the rice padi field while their mother was harvesting. The essence of happiness lies in how we value what we have. No doubt, the family may be wishing that they were millionaires, shaking their legs hard at home. But could there also be millionaires wishing that they were able to spend more time with their young children, especially during their startup days, where they have to slog harder than most people, and sacrifice family time?

We all desire to be more successful. But we all see success differently. Some see success as being the richest person in town. Some see success as being able to provide 3 meals for their families everyday. Whichever it is, that’s fine.

But while we are all working towards our own success, take a breather, and take some time to pause and look at what we have already achieved. It may be good health. Or it may be a happy and united family. Always remember to remind ourselves to be contented, and cherished what we already have.

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